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The first pair of Wrangler jeans were made in 1943 and is one of the most enduring American companies, cheesily reflecting the American way in all of their press. The history of Wrangler runs parallel with the lives of the people that built the US etc etc.

Truth is that Wrangler is a top jeans brand and has been for decades, two brands have styled America and apart from Levis, Wrangler remains a great tradition. Wrangler shoes started in the 80's licensed from the huge VF corporation to Gammidge Shoes in Northampton England. The factory had a long tradition of making good quality English shoes but as the prices in the UK began to rise then Gammidge needed another string to their bow, so picked up the UK license for Wrangler.

This came to an end in 2006 and now the shoes are developed in Ireland by the whelan company and distributed around Europe. Mens Wrangler Boots have always been known for their range of workboots and carries a great selection of these for men and women in the fashion colours including honey tan which is the iconic colour.


The range also includes a small selection of shoes that are suitable for school and their are school shoes as part of the men's, women's and boy's selection.

All of the wrangler boots are made from quality leather and nubuck with rubber soles for added durability and comfort and textile lined for warmth and wicking. We will continue to offer new wrangler shoes and boots as they become avaialble and offer free delivery on all wrangler footwear bought from our website.

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Racer Hi
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Newton Chukka
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