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Iron Fist Shoes

Daring, quirky and innovative - these awesome monsters will adorn your feet in the most challenging environment! - Free Delivery on all Women's orders over £35.

Whether you like the amazing new union jack platform shoes, some of the fabulous pumps that are available or just to team up with some awesome bags you have come to the right place. As with all Iron Fist's styles, quality is their top priority - so check out a pair of these beauties today - you will not be disappointed!

The shoes are explosions of colour mixed with a dirty raw tattoo culture inspired by street. the styles are exciting and diverse with a constantly evolving state for every season. They are renowned for their quality with amazing art work produced by some of the most innovative street artists of today!
The customer is an individual combining design in their own way, mixing it with other looks and pieces to create an individual style!. We offer free delivery and exchanges and free returns on full price sales.

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More About Iron Fist

The idea for the brand began in the US in San Diego in 2001 between two South African friends Travis and Mike. Both skateboarders, they had a common likes in art, surfing, street culture and music. They decided that the best way of bringing these threads together would be to start a clothing line, clothing that was unique to them and that they could not find elsewhere. They decided that they would recreate the energy of their formative years growing up in California, echoing the time when they skateboarded on the streets and wearing a mohican would block you out of Disney Land!

The brand was born out of commonality and and simplicity, the boot of a car being the first official Iron Fist store!. It was received well with many street aware kids bored of the big corporate structures that surrounded many of the big sports, casual and street wear brands of the time! They did not have a large budget or any particular plan with most of the gear sold purely through the strength of the artwork at the time!

Iron Fist have gone on to become a global brand selling ranges of dresses, swimwear, bags, footwear and accessories. The shoe collections were centred around blood, guts Frankenstein and gore with way out prints with skulls, crossbones, eyeballs and monsters on them. This has since been broadened out to feature a wider variety of printed material uppers as well as those incorporation spikes and studs. One of the clever thing sthey do is to use the prints across a wide variety of product so you get IronFist Flats sharing the same print as a platform or even a a bag.