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Women's Dr Martens Boots, Docs to buy online

New Womens Patent Dr Martens Boots - FREE Delivery on all styles - Please select from the styles below! We offer free returns on all full price purchases too! The brand was originally known for inventing bouncing soles that are oil resistant and to this day that is written underneath on all of their products. The first style came out on the 1st April 1960 hence its name, the 1460 boot. It is still around today but the brand has branched out and now makes a fabulous collection of womens high leg boots and styles to suit a much broader audience - some of the ankle boots with shiny and floral uppers are a big hit and we have some of them to choose from below. As with all products on the site Docs come with free delivery and full price returns.

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Dr Martens Serena
Dr Martens Black
£119.95 Now £75.00

Dr Martens Serena
Dr Martens Tan
£119.95 Now £75.00

Dr Martens Moll Viola
Dr Martens Black
Moll Viola
£129.95 Now £75.00

Dr Martens Moll Karin
Dr Martens Cherry
Moll Karin
£109.95 Now £60.00

Dr Martens 1460 Ankle Boot
Dr Martens Cherry
1460 Ankle Boot
£99.95 Now £79.90

Dr Martens Brielle
Dr Martens Cherry
£119.95 Now £99.90

Dr Martens Boots.

If you saw the film This in England starring and young Thomas Turgoose, who had never acted before and loved it then we are right with you! The film, written and directed by Shane Meadows, tracked an iconic time in British Fashion when Skins roamed in gangs, the music was ska and reggae and the footwear of choice was the Dr Marten Boot! Ben Sherman checked shirts, braces, tight short jeans and long coats completed the look.

This is England 1986 which is currently on TV is bringing the look in front of a new audience at exactly the right time. Military boots are all the rage and Dr Martens have battered versions of the original 1460 as well as a host of new styles indifferent colours and materials. Women's Dr Martens extend in to high leg leather versions in really commercial colours and materials.

Dr Marten Boots were developed in 1960, in fact their most iconic boot , the 1460 is named after the date it was launched 01/04/1960! The look took off in the late 60s when Skinhead Culture first took off. Bands like Slade took up the look before going Glam and the look has been in and out of fashion for the past 50 years.

In the Video below Don Letts, the DJ that brought reggae to a new audience in 1977 when he played it between punk records, takes up the story along with many influential artists and photographers of the era.