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Women's Caterpillar Boots

Caterpillar Boots and Shoes for Women and Ladies! Brand new collection - FREE Delivery on all Womens Cat Boots. Please select from the styles below.

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Caterpillar Boots Video Review

Great caterpillar Boots collection for Women from the Legendary Cat brand. Men's Caterpillar Boots in 2007 and '08. The big boot at that time was Peril which is still in the range today. Forward three years and here we are in 2010 with the work boot theme big news again. I guess All Saints helped bring the battered boot to the fore but Caterpillar really started it when the Raw collection first came out and now there are loads of brands offering all kinds of beaten up work and military boots and work wear - none better than the daddy of them all tho'!

There is a brief history of the brand below along with some company babble from the brand itself - What is for sure is that this season is going to be huge for Cat and its unique range of work wear. The more beaten up and worn looking the better in my opinion!


About Caterpillar:

Cat® Footwear, inspired by hard work and also driven by a life in motion.

Caterpillar® Inc. is the Licensor of all Cat product and as most people know they are the holding company that manufactures those huge earth moving machines! The brand is well known for setting its bar higher and always striving for excellence. The company is a global leader in huge equipment manufacturing and they are intent on ensuring that consumers have the tools to get the job done!.

Caterpillar have been making shoes for more than 20 years and the range has exploded from a small range of work shoes to the range of shoes that you see today across all of the categories and genders and diverse styles. The boots are made in some of the finest factories in the world and made from top quality materials which unfortunately don;t come cheap. We would rather spend on this rather than give substandard products. Caterpillar Shoes and Boots take their responsibility seriously and uphold the the values and the personality of the Caterpillar brand worldwide.

Caterillar's 360 degree branding story offers products that fit the demands of both the worksite and the city street. Their uncompromising quality and nature guarantees that the product, the promise and the people involved are second to none. Caterpillar are Earth movers!


It was In April 1925 when CL. Best Tractor Company and The Holt Manufacturing Company merged to form the Caterpillar Tractor Company using the track type of tractor as the inspiration for the name.  Cat footwear has been developing and designing quality since 1994 living up to the tough-working reputation of the Cat brand. Caterpillar Footwear started with a small collection of work boots which were designed solely to give the workers comfort and durability meeting the challenge of the work site.

Today, Caterpillar sells a wide range of footwear – from Mens Caterpillar Boots for work  to high leg more elegant boots on tough, durable soles. The ranges are sold in more than 150 countries around the world!


Forged by hard work, driven by life.
Caterpillar's  iconic heritage of tough and authentic quality coupled with style.


Legends by Caterpillar footwear. Boots which are handcrafted with the highest quality level and attention to detail; A tribute to the original Caterpillar Men and Machine. Coupled with the ingenuity, pure grit and tough attitude they overcame environmental and engineering obstacles to alter the world's landscape.

The Caterpillar Legendary Raw collection is focused on timeless classics of  the style guru. Classic silhouettes are inspired by vintage work boots, hand crafted with battered and vintaged leather for real authenticity. The range features clever little leather details, intricate outsole designs and understated brand references.