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Bronx Footwear

Dutch company Bronx sells its womens shoes right around the world. The company makes quality ladies shoes from its factories as far afield as Brazil and the Far East - Bronx Footwear is designed in the UK and Holland.

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Bronx York 84221
Bronx Black
York 84221
£49.95 Now £39.95

Bronx York 84221
Bronx Natural
York 84221
£49.95 Now £39.95

Bronx Celie 84216-A49
Bronx Natural
Celie 84216-A49
£59.95 Now £29.90

Bronx Celie Strap 84242-F01
Bronx Black
Celie Strap 84242-F01
£59.95 Now £49.90

Bronx Jojo 44040-C12
Bronx Taupe
Jojo 44040-C12
£59.95 Now £34.90

Bronx 33445-F
Bronx Black
£69.95 Now £45.00

Bronx 43866-B
Bronx Black/Gold
£99.95 Now £40.00

Bronx are a Dutch fashion house specialising in fast up to date womens fashion - So Today! They make a wide variety of quirky footwear from knackered up cowboy boots to elegant wedges and high heels.

Dutch owned brand Bronx Shoes have been making great womens footwear for over 20 years and recently moved in to making mens footwear as well. Bronx shoes are made in factories all over the world including Brazil, Italy and Far East. They are made using real quality materials which is why they always look so good.