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1952 and an American entrepreneur names Nathan Swartz acquired a fifty percent holding in a little shoe making company in Abington, Massachusetts.The Abington Shoe Company. He bought the rest of the company in 1955 and introduced his sons to the company manufacturing branded shoes for large US companies for the next 10 years.

In 1965 Abington introduced  a direct injection moulding machine to the company which meant that the shoes could be made water tight because the soles are moulded directly around the uppers using a unique lasting technique. There no glueing or stitching in the process between the uppers and the soles.

Abington developed  the Timberland name in 1973 and designed the first of their iconic boots that year under the Timberland® brand name. After 24 years in operation the company finally changed its name to 'The Timberland Company' in 1978.

Iin 1978 the company introduced the first hand-sewn casual shoes and in '79 the first of Timberland's Boat Shoes. They continued to expand outside of America, especially in European Countries starting Italy in 1980. Growth accelerated throughout the 1980's and in '86 Nathan's son Sidney took over the reins floating Timberland on the American Stock Exchange in '87.

1990 and Timberland® Shoes began making Ladies' apparel and also launched their first Mukluk boots worn by Sled racers. In 1991 the company changed to the Dow Jones stock exchange. More innovations continued throughout 1990's including the 'Give Racism the boot' campaign and also CERES - The Responsible Economies initiative.

In '95
Timberland Shoes and Boots developed the Active Comfort Technology (ACT) a comfort system which is incorporated in to the product to provide balance and an element of support and cushioning. In '99 The PRO® series was developed giving 24/7 support with suspension technology protecting tradesmen. In 2001 they tied up with NASCAR to sell its boot styles to working professionals.

The brand now makes more than ten million pairs of boots and shoes a year and send them to more than 60 countries world wide. The group has continued to expand its rnges with boat shoes, women's sandals and loafers being added to the colletion - why don't you snap up a great pair of Timberlands today?©

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Nellie 8302R
£124.95 £70.00
Teddy Fleece 8309A
£139.95 £60.00
Nellie 8301R
Ladies Premium 6 Inch
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Mens Premium 6 Inch
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6'' Premium Boot 10061
£159.95 £110.00
Euro Rock Hiker 6221R