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Sugar Shoes and Boots are almost a UK institutioan! in the UK and Europe since launching the brand to an unsuspecting public in 2003!The ranges have been wildly acceoted and are at home at festivals and girl's bedrooms around the world! Sugar Boots started with the original Graphic Boots which has spawned a myriad of new modelrs in funfky colours and prints from the huge selling Asian Origami Floral to plaid and padded, quilted and short versions, with or without back ties and fold over collars.

Sugar Shoes are originally from  California in a place called Irvine and the brand was launched across the Uk and Europe in 2003. Sugar Boots are aimed at fashion conscious girls who want to wear fresh original and funky footwear!  Sugar Shoes continue to make new collections of shoes and boots in exciting new colours and styles. The original was the Graphic Boot and it still gets great reviews when it is relaunched in its seasonal variations because of its cool design and use of th elatest materials.

Sugar Origami Boot quickly followed and became a huge success becoming an instant hit with the fashionistas. This was followed by the Morigami Boot which is a taller  version of Origami and slightly more adaptive with fur linings and a cool selection of funky printed materials.

Sugar Boots continue to innovate and adapt to the changing market in the Uk and Europe and we hope you will find your perfect pair of Sugars on our ever changing website!

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