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How Does It Work?

We are actively looking for new brands to sell on, small or large, if you would like to sell your shoes on this web site then don't hesitate to contact us. is the one of the biggest independent shoe shops on the web selling over 2000 styles from more than 70 brands. We are growing rapidly so why not share in that success? Our unique domain name and our remarkable success with search engine optimisation and back links has assured us continually high rankings in all the major search engines. Check out some of our brands in Google for example and you will see that consistently appears on the first page of results and often in the top 3. 

Many of the brands we sell on the site do so by 'drop shipping'. This means that we process the orders through our either Paypal or HSBC secure server, taking responsibility for banking and fraud. The order is then passed electronically immediately through our secure site by email to the brand so that they know immediately when an order has been placed. It then appears in the brand's unique interface in the back office of our website. The brand will then login once a day and process the orders, parcelling up and shipping out using their choice of courier. The customer is kept informed automatically throughout the process.


Setting up a branded website is time consuming and costly. When you join you are joining a website that already has a high traffic flow. People that visit our site are actively looking to buy shoes and your brand will be given its own free web space.


As being on the front page in all the major search engines for the term 'shoes' enjoys high rankings for all of its brands. Google: search for 'Lotus Shoes' No.2

Yahoo: search for 'Base london shoes' No.2;_ylt=A1f4cfnIQkpKMSoAipJLBQx.?p=base+london+shoes&fr=yfp-t-611&fr2=sb-top&rd=r1&sao=1 In fact search for any of our brands on Google, Yahoo and Bing and all of them consistently rank higher than other online shoe shops.

Why don't I sell direct? is a legitimate intermediary between your brand and the public. Many retailers get concerned when a brand starts selling directly to the consumer, effectively cutting them out of the selling process. offers a way round this selling directly using space on our high traffic website. If you are interested in selling your brand on then don't hesitate to contact us. You can be up and running within a couple of days.


What do I need to do?

1. Firstly contact us suzy(at)
2. Agree terms with us.
3. Prepare up to 4 photographs of each shoe. Each photo must be 600 x 600 pixels. Minimum 75 DPI.
4. Prepare 'copy' for each shoe including; product code, short description, long description, upper material, lining material, sole material and selling price.
5. Send us your logo which should be resized to 125 x 40 pixels. minimum 75 DPI.

Stock Updates

We now offer three ways to keep stock levels up to date:

1. API - This is by far the slickest system where your live stock database interacts with's database keeping the stock levels shown on our site updated throughout the day. For this system we provide a EAN upload facility as the common identifier for your stock by size.
2. CSV - For those that cannot link to us by API or don't have a live stock system we provide a CSV upload facility where your stock by size can be uploaded on an ad-hoc basis. This can be every day or once a week depending on how regularly your stock changes. You can upload a file in your format as long as EAN and stock level is included.
3. CSV download/Upload - download a CSV, modify the stock level and re-upload, simple if you have limited experience of databases or have no EAN codes attached to your sizes.

What happens next?

We will do the rest. We will even include you in our advertising. There is no catch, it is free so why not contact us today? Regards Suzy Carr Footwear Buyer.