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About Sebago:

The Sebago Mocc Company founded in 1946 by Daniel Wellehan, William Beaudoin and a Joseph Cordeau. The first ranges of shoes were made using the British patented welted shoe construction method. In 1948 the first boat shoes collection was developed and sold to the Uniroyal company.[1]

In the 1950's the company reached sales of $1m making primarily private lable shoes for US retailers such as Sears who would go on to buy The British Shoe Corporation in the UK - during this decade the company opened a new factory in Maine and made its one millionth pair of shoes, production had risen to over 2000 pairs per day.

In the 1960's Sebago-Moc made its first pair of Women's true moccasins and further extended the plant in Maine - exhibitions followed around the world including Semaine de Cuir, the huge Paris exhibition bringing the company to the European market for the first time.

In 1970 the company developed and sold its now iconic Dockside® shoes which have become the mainstay of this great American label. This was a major transition for the company and turned them in to a branded manufacturer for the first time. It would be a slow transition but eventually they stopped making unbranded footwear for other etailers preferring to concentrate their efforts to grow the brand from here on.

Sebago Today

During the 1980's the Dockside shoe became the footwear of choice in campuses across America - its young preppy look catching the eye of the young kids. In 1981, Campside, a new shoe made its debut and three years later the comapany goes all out sponsoring its first yachting event - the 0-Star race - they follow this by being selected as the official supplier of footwear to the US Sailing Team.

By the 1990's the company is sponsoring leading Yachting events such as the America's Cup, in 1994 the Drysides shoes is launched and in 1995 the company sponsors the Young America yachting team


The company has gone on to sponsor many of the big yachting events around the world from New York to Sydney. In 2005 the group became part of the huge Wolverine Group. This company also owns Caterpillar and
Hush Puppies as well as other large established footwear brands. Eight five countries worldwide now sell Sebagos - it has also started to collaborate on a number of projects with top international designers whcih has lead to the launch of a number of multi coloured Dockside styles including versions in patent!

In 2011 Kate Middleton was spotted in a pair of bala in beige and white during her official tour of Canada - clearly her stylist spotted a great pair of fashion shoes! She wore a pair of Skinny jeans to complete the look. You can keep upwith her style here:  You can view the full range of Bala here: Sebago Bala

Sebago Official Sponsors of the US America's Cup Team

Corporate Sales: 

Sebago Quantity Discounts and Corporate Deals

We would be more than pleased to hear from Organisations, Ships, Yachts, Boat Crews and the Sailing Community including Marinas and Chandlery Shops looking for deals on either Sebago Shoes or other boat shoe brands we stock. We are offering the following discounts for the supply of boat and deck shoes or any other corporate footwear deal if you need the following quantities. Each contract would be separately negotiated, so please contact us first as these discounts will not appear just by placing an order through the site.

Orders over 5 - 9 Pairs - 5% Discount
Orders over 10 - 19 Pairs - 7.5% Discount
Orders over 20 + Pairs - 10 % Discount

Please email us at for a quote for any order quantity that you may have. This can also include orders for other brands we stock such as Rockports, Timberland and Chatham - your choice! there are over 80 brands to choose from on our site.

We are hugely exprienced in supplying big contracts to Ships, Boats, Yacts, Companies and Chandlery so please don't hesitate to get in touch for the best deals on your footwear requirements! even individuals that simply want to club together to get the best deal.

Call free on 0800 145 5764 or local on 0161 941 2802


^"Sebago in the 40's". Sebago official site. Retrieved 31 May 2013.


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