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Mens Pod Shoes - Pod's Footwear

The Pod story goes back to the mid nineties when the first ranges appears with quilted vamps and stitch down soles. The company has come on a long way with a fabulous collection of well priced footwear including school type shoes, office wear and hiking boots. The brand makes super high quality footwear. We offer free delivery and exchanges and free returns on full price sales.

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About Pod Footwear

The brand was established in the Summer of 1976 - a time when wide flares and platforms were giving way to a fresh new look, a different type of shoe to go with the US influenced Levis that were slowly replacing flared trousers!

Pod Shoes were developed and launched during that long hot summer bringing colourful cutting edge shoes to the market. The shoes were stylish, comfortable and durable - wide double stitched stitch downs that created a splash as soon as they hit the shops!,

They Originally started out in the heart of the shoe making county of Northamptonshire producing the first pepper pot punched stitch-down or (Veldtschoen) casual. Two years after that the hugely popular quilted veldt was launched catapulting the brand on to every high street in Britain at the end of the 70s and catching the trend for brightly coloured footwear at the beginning of the 80s.

Since then after a variety of ups and downs for the company, including a hugely successful relaunch in the late 90s, The brand have expanded the collections with fresh designs and in to childrens footwear..

The Pod Shoes collection now consists of:

Originals, Pod Natural and Italia consisting of great original Pod stitch-down designs, hikers and a stylish range of Italian Inspired fashion shoes. The makers of Pod know their business, they create great looking shoes out of the best materials at the best possible prices!

They are perfect for back to school with the Boys ranges being made of Permair leather. The styling is timeless and these quite probably will be the best Boys school shoes you can buy! Here is a little about the eleather used on the Boys Pod Back to School shoes:

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