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Men's Chatham Shoes and Footwear

Free 48 Hour Delivery - Chatham make sailing inspired footwear such as the mens boat shoes, deck shoes and Mens marine footwear. These are quality products that adhere to their nautical heritage.they are high quality built as true moccasins with water resistant oiled leather and siped rubber soles. All of the footwear is made in traditional moccasin way which menas that the upper leather is wrapped round and under the foot which means that your foot in encased in leather. The upper is stitched through from the inside out right through the non slip, siped rubber sole and the shoe iis finished off with a leather sock and a 360 degree lacing system. This gives the shoe a very flexible and lightweight feel that makes it very easy to wear. Chatham Shoes are the only boat shoes you can buy with a 2 year guarantee! you can see from the red G2 seal on every pair.

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Types of Chatham Footwear For Men

Like some of the larger American brands Chatham is steeped in marine history and they have a fantastic collection of boat shoes and deck shoes aimed at the discerning male buyer. These come in a variety of colours and finishes including waxy leather, nubuck and combinations of the two materials.

These are properly made tubular moccasins that envelop the foot in leather by the very nature of their construction. They have variations on this theme with three colour styles such as Tobago and also a small selection of rugged sole versions.

Loafers: There is also a small collection of Loafer styles from Chatham, with Baxter fitting the bill in this area. This classic penny loafer also has a leather lining and leather sole and offers a cheaper alternative to the more expensive Classic style from Sebago.

Boots: Chatham have a small range of boots also made in the traditional way with a much heavier two colour out sole. the Boston boot fills the gap in this area with a shoe on the same sole unit.