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Men's Base London

Base London Shoes are made from top quality leather with leather linings and quality sole units. All of the collection comes with FREE UK delivery and Returns. The collection is made in top quality factories, their attention to detail is legendary with treated leathers, leather linings and uniquely designed branded sole Units. We have a great selection of brown ,tan and classic black loafers - Please select from the range below!

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Base London Tan
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Base London – History and Information

Base London was set up in 1995 by well known footwear agent to capitalise on the gap in the market for trendy, wear anywhere blokes footwear. At the time, outside of the high street shops there were very few shoe brands for men so Base shoes set out to rectify this. Base London started with their now iconic Slacker moccasin which for all intents and purposes was an accessible version of Patrick Coxs Wannabee, but of course much more affordable!
After the massive success of this shoe Base London were able to build a complete collection encompassing other types of formal shoes as well as leisure and sporty footwear too.

Now the collection covers all of the key looks that are required by the modern man. There is still the semi-smart loafer that can be worn with jeans or at the office, but now there are specific variations featuring flexible rubber soles, and patterned vamps. The formal collection features a collection of tramlines loafers where the stitch detail extends over the toe and also a selection of lace ups, both plain and also featuring brogueing on the vamp. 

Base Shoes are also known for their leisure shoes where style Bitz with two eyelets and a bellow tongue became the biggest selling Base shoe since the original moccasin. The current version, Control, features the same high quality waxy leather as the original and sits on a durable rubber sole, again, a versatile casual that looks great with jeans down the pub, in the club or on the terraces, wherever you like.

Base London Shoes continue to innovate so you will always find a suitable pair of shoes, sandals or boots to fit your look. If you cant find what you are looking for from our extensive collection then why not give us a call and we will see what we can do!

Types of Shoes from Base London:

Loafers: Always known for their great collection of loafers Base are always moving styles on. From the original slacker style of the 90s Base have developed many different types of loafer from formal styles on leather and resign soles to the current crop of more relaxed style on more flexible rubber sole units. The detailing on the vamp remains innovative with cross stitching, mudguard designs and saddle branding, but essentially the Base London unique handwriting is ever present. These shoes have a wide variety of uses from every day work wear to glossy styles for wedding and events and tan and browns for relaxing down the pub.

Lace-Ups: Slightly more formal but being seen more and more as every day wear as suit jackets and shirts get worn with jeans and casual trousers. Base have a range of semi formal lace ups in either smooth vamp, tram line or brogue styles to suit every occasion. The laces are waxed so that they do not undo and the shoes are available on different out soles from rubber for the more relaxed occasion to resin and leather for more formal occasions.

Leisure:  Base London Shoes have always had a great range of leisure shoes such as Bitz and Control and they continue to innovate in this area. the shoes are perfect for night and club wear with many young guys also picking these up for school and college. A great pair of Base London Control for example is perfect for as school wear.

Boots: For the past couple of seasons Base have developed a solid collection of winter boots based on best sellers from their bigger brother Hudson. The range of side zip boots is set to grow for the current Autumn Winter season with the addition of more fashionable styles in darker winter colours.

Sandals: Whilst known for their structured shoes Base London Shoes have recently introduced a range of fashion sandals. Sandals like Latitude show the way in this area with a small selection of sleeve sandals to complete the look and offer variety for the Base customer.

Base London are available in the following sizes:

40 41 42 43 44 45 46 6 7 8 9 10 11 12