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Chatham Shoes, Boat and Deck Shoes

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Chatham make sailing inspired footwear such as the boat shoes, deck shoes and marine footwear. These are quality products that adhere to their nautical heritage. They are high quality, built as true moccasins with water resistant oiled leather and siped rubber soles. All of the footwear is made in traditional moccasin way which menas that the upper leather is wrapped round and under the foot which means that your foot in encased in leather. The upper is stitched through from the inside out right through the non slip, siped rubber sole and the shoe is finished off with a leather sock and a 360 degree lacing system.

This gives the shoe a very flexible and lightweight feel that makes it very easy to wear. Chatham Shoes are the only boat shoes you can buy with a 2 year guarantee! you can see from the red G2 seal on every pair. Shop for Men's Chatham shoes from the selection below - they are specialists in boat and deck shoes and teh G2 collection actually has a two year guarantee.

Men's Chatham Shoes


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Chatham History

Established over 20 years ago, Chatham is a the absolute authority on great British sailing and boating shoes. Mainly focused on sailing footwear and clothing, Chatham have made a name for themselves as some of the sturdiest, comfiest and most reliable shoes around, as well as remaining classically stylish and trendy. They do a wide range of boat shoes with innovative features that appear simply stylish at first but can soon be identified as essential sailing criteria. However, over the years Chatham have been branching out into other areas of sport and activity and now also do a wide range of styles suited for various different events and lifestyles. In 2012, Chatham became the official supplier for the Indian Formula 1 team, Sahara Force One. This collaboration meant that Chatham were now becoming a leading brand in other areas of sport footwear as well. The shoes designed for the Sahara Force One team are complete with the Chatham logo on the tongue of the shoe and are decorated in traditional Indian colours to make sure the shoes were accessible for the team and in fitting with the theme. This teaming up reflected Chathams success as a brilliant, reliable brand who are master craftsmen, and also their expansion into selling overseas successfully. Chatham also do a wide range of boots, smart shoes and moccassins and trainers, making them suitable and accessible to every man and woman. Desrcribed by St James style review as "A company with a proper sailing heritage and enough confidence in their products to provide the classic deck shoes with a two year guarantee", Chatham are a stand alone great British company whose main goals involve making high quality shoes and keeping our great nation stylish and fashionable.