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Lelli Kelly Sizing - Size Chart

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Lelli Kelly Sizes

The most important thing to note about Lelli Kelly shoes is that they are sized in continental sizes, Paris point or or Euro sizes as they are commonly referred to. This is not the same as UK sized as used by the likes of Clarks or Startrite. This means that if you see the shoes or boots offered for sale in UK sizes, the shop is making the closest comparison it can between the Euro sizes and UK but you must understand that the conversion is never 100% accurate.

How do I convert Lelli Kelly Sizes from Euro to UK?

There is not an exact conversion between UK and Euro sizes - that is because the intervals in the EU system are based on the metric system, increasing 10mmm between each size as you can see below. The general rule is if you are measuring your little girl's feet then use the chart below to see which continental (Euro) size you are and match it to the sizes available which are always stated in UK and EU..

Can I measure my little girl's feet with a ruler to work out the correct Lelli Kelly size?

Yes, if you measure from the back of the heel to the tip of the big toe then you will be able to work out the appropriate size from the chart below. For example if you mesaure 195 mm then choose a size 31 (UK 12),  this should provide a little room at the end for some growth. If you are unsure always  go slightly higher.

What size is Lelli Kelly?

The way is to ask you child to stand upright on a piece of paper and draw around the foot with a pencil. Then take the measurement from the back of the heel to the end of the big toe. Measure this with a straight ruler to get the most accurate measure of your child's foot.

This is the true conversion for Lelli Kelly
UK Sizes 6 7 8 9 10 11 11½ 12 13 1 2 3 4
EU Sizes 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37
Foot Length mm 150 155 165 170 175 185 190 195 205 210 215 225 235 240


Is there are chart converting US sizes in to UK or Euro for Lelli Kelly Shoes?

Yes there is and it also includes all of the other comparisons as well including Japanese and Mondopoint as well - this chart is from Wikipedia and shows all of the size conversions.


Lelli Kelly Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Lelli Kelly Shoe SizesSo you can see from the standard chart above the size 20 roughly equates to a size 4 but it would be a smallish 4. You should take this in to account when you are buying Lelli Kelly footwear, well in fact any shoes that are sized in continental sizes. At we do follow the advise given by Lelli Kelly Shoes and we have always found them to be accurate with very few complaints.They print this conversion on the boxes but it may not always be in the shoes, so just watch out that the shoes fit well.

Lelli Kelly offer their school shoes in two fittings as well. In our experience the standard fit of a shoe would be around an F fitting in the Clarks fitting scale with their 'Broader' fit shoes fitting around a G. This is not accurate and has not tested the fitting of the shoes but it is an indication from our experience of selling them for the past six years.

The canvas shoes start at a size 20 - In 2011 the Strawberry Baby Dolly had a size run of 20-26 (roughly 4 to 8) with the Strawberry Special Dolly crossing over on the 24 to 26 running from 24 all the way up to a 35 which roughly equates to a 6 to 2½ Some Lelli Kelly Shoes even run as high as a 37 which is a UK 4. For US and Japanese conversions its better to take a look at the chart, click through on the chart for a bigger version on Wikipedia.

Do Lelly Kelly Do Width Fittings?

Yes they do - they do E, F and G fitting shoes - not all shops carry all of these ranges but most will stock the F and G. The F is a standard fit according to the brand. They only used to stock this one and only introduced the other fits much later when they established that they were losing sales as not everyone actually suited the one on offer.

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