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Lelli Kelly Cleaning Instructions

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How do I clean Lelli Kelly Shoes?

There is no real mystery to cleaning your Lelli Kelly shoes but there is always going to be a problem when faced with some of the ways the shoes are made particularly when there are sequins and small beads involved. So we will start with the easy ones! the shoes made from patent or plain leather.

How Do I Clean Lelli Kelly School Shoes and Boots?

There is a simple method of cleaning your school shoes whatever the colour or finish but I think one of the most important tips to follow is 'Do not use stain resistor like Scotchgard™ on patent. It will dull the patent and will do no good whatsoever. Patent is made by applying a very thin layer of shiny pu (polyurethane), over the leather. The better the underlying leather is, the better the finish. If the leather is cheap then you will see an orange peel like finish to the patent. The better the quality, the smoother the finish.

Cleaning Lelli Kelly Shoes

Cleaning Leather:

  • If the shoes are wet then allow to dry. If they are really wet then stuff the shoes with newspaper and allow to dry naturally. Do not put in front of a heater or try and speed up the process. The simple task of leaving them in a warm room with paper inside should be enough to draw the moisture natually from the leather.
  • When dry, remove any debris with a brush - so if there is any soil or dried mud then this should be removed before doing anything else.
  • Wipe over with a very damp cloth and allow to dry fully.
  • If there are any 'tide' marks on the leather then don't panic - this is completely natural and is eiither due to the shoes being wet from puddles and drying or natural moisture from the foot dampening the leather. The tide mark is a result of natural salts from the leather crystallising on the surface and in no way suggests a fault with the shoe or substandard materials.
  • Apply a natural polish or shoe cream with a cloth or light brush - this will be absorbed in to the leather and any light markes, scuffs or crystals will melt and fade.
  • Polish with a light cloth or duster to a nice sheen.

Lelli Kelly do actually sell their own brand of shoe cream which is available here: Lelli Kelly Shoe CreamLelli Kelly Shoe Cream

Cleaning Patent

This is a very similar process to the above - when you apply the shoe cream this will have the effect of enriching the shine of the patent but will not feed the leather as it does above.

How Do I Clean Lelli Kelly Canvas Shoes With Beads and Sequins?

This can be a tricky process but it can be quite successful if you follow some simple rules. There is no point using any harsh cleaning fluids to try and clean the canvas. So let's just assume that the shoes are muddy and any cnventional brushing isn't working. The main thing to understand here is that the sequins and the beads on these shoes are all applied by hand! They use a strong thread but it is inevitable that when you clean these shoes some of these sequns and beads may come loose. There is nothing you can do about this so please be prepared. It's no fault of the shoe manufacturer - they are very well made shoes - it's simply a matter of fact that they are not indestructible!

  • Use a VERY light brush to remove and stones, mud or other debris from the surfac of the shoes
  • Remove the leather insole if there is one.
  • Put each half pair of shoes in a pillow case - yes you are going to need two! - wrap them up well in the pillow case and if tie them round with a piece of string, a lace or something else but do this loosely.
  • Put them in a washing machine on the lightest, shortest wash at 40 degrees or less.
  • Allow to dry natually

They should come out as clean as a whistle. Now of course you may lose the odd bead but that won't detract too much from the look of the shoes and it will gie a great result.

Now I don't advise going through this process every week, but once in a while is fine!©

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