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A History Of Lelli Kelli Free Gifts

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Each season Lelli Kelly give away a different free gift or 'Gadget' as they call it with every pair of Lelli Kelly Shoes. The free gifts are small plastic objects that come in every box of the shoes and the fact that there is a free toy is advertised quite heavily in the TV advertising. Obviously this creates a kind of 'pester power' among the children, but isn't that the case with all TV adverts amed at kids?

The gifts have actually become quite collectable themselves with gadgets regualrly turing up on Ebay! OK at the moment thy only sell for a few pounds each, but as the gifts are limited every season I can see quite a following for these seamingly throw away items in the future in the same way that McDonald's free plastic toys have gained a cult following

The gifts are always delivered to retailers separately from the shoes and some will forget or claim that they have run out of free gifts but in our experience there are always enough and shops that have run out may have either lost them or kept some back by mistake. We did have a Facebook message from a woman who had bought some Lelli Kelly Shoes from John Lewis and they had not given her the free gadget, cue one very unhappy four year old. We gladly send her one of ours as it was spare!

These are the free gifts that have been given away since we started selling the shoes.

Free With Sandals Spring 2009
Lelli Kelly Dolly Make-up
Lelli Kelly Ice Cream Cosmetic
Lelli Kelly Handbag
Sandals/Canvas Spring 2009
School/Party Shoes/Boots Autumn 2009
Canvas/Heels Spring 2010
School Shoes/Party/Boots Autumn 2010


Lelli Kelly Mobile Phone Lip Gloss
Lelli Kelly Lip Gloss Fan
School 2011 Lelli Kelly Compact
Magic Wand
Canvas/Heels Spring 2011
Sandals Spring 2011
School Shoes Autumn 2011
Zoo Canvas 2012


Hair Extensions and Ring
Light Up Pen
Pen, Shoe Horn and Legwarmers!
Light Up Pen
Canvas Spring 2012
School Shoes Autumn 2012
California Collection 2012
Boot Collection 2012


Light hair extensions
Cup Cakes
Canvas, Sandals, Californian and Zoo Spring 2013
Canvas, Sandals, Californian  2013
Bags Spring 2013
Zoo Canvas 2013
Mobile Phone Make-Up
castle make-up width=
light up hairband
Free Toy Tablet make-up
School Shoes 2013
Boots 2013
Summer Canvas 2014
School Shoes 2014
Free Jewelled Bracelet
Free Magic Comb
Colour Hair Straigteners
Free Toy Tablet make-up
Boot 2014
California 2014
Summer 2015
School/Boots 2015


If you click on the small pictures of the free gifts above you can see a bigger picture. These are all of the free gadgets that have been given away by Lelli Kelly since the Spring of 2009. If you know of any more previous to this date then please let us know and we will update the set above to include years prior to 2009. The Lelli Kelly free gifts are just a bit of fun for the kids, but you wouldn't believe the pulling power of having them in the box!


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A History Of Lelli Kelly Free Gifts


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