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Where to buy Fly London Shoes Online?

You can buy the collection from a wide variety of independent shoe shops around the country as well as chains of small multiples. You can also buy them online from us which of course is our preference! The brand also has a small shop on Neal Street near Covent Garden in London - if you live nearby then pop in and say hello. They carry most of the collection there but of course like any other shoe shop may have run out of the size or the colour that you are looking for. If you buy from us then shipping is free and returns are really easy to arrange.

Where Is a Fly London Shop?

There is only one shop in the UK at the moment and that is on Neal Street near Covent Garden in central London. It is not convenient for eveyone so of course as we sell the brand online and carry such a large range at competeive prices we advise buying from us! :)

Who Makes Fly London Shoes?

The brand is made in a long extablished shoe factory in Guimaraes in Northern Portugal called Kyaia also known as Fortunato 'O Frederico - they commenced production making Men's shoes for the likes of Ravel in 1984 and launched the Fly London brand in 1994. They are also the factory behind the brand Softinos which is a Ladies' comfort line that is also sold in the UK.

How Do Fly London Shoes Fit?

The shoes, boots and sandals are made on European lasts so they start at size 35 and go up to a size 42. They have only just added the lower size but have been making 42's for qite a while. We must stress that not every shop will carry all of the sizes. It is quite common in smaller boutiques to only sell 37-41 because the stock investment is less. Usually buying online solves this is online retailers generally carry a much wider size selection. The Euro sizes are converted thus: 

Fly London Sizing - Conversion Chart - UK Sizes to Euro Sizes

We have had a few customers who have argued with this conversion insisting that an 8 is a 42 but these are the guidelines that are given by the brand themselves. It is true that in a men's size run it is common to convert a 42 to an 8 but in a Women's size chart it is more commonly converted to a 9. The conversion is not wholly accurate and some brands like Tamaris and Padders may use a slightly different conversions.


2 35
3 36
4 37
5 38
6 39
7 40
8 41
9 42©