Best Selling Lelli Kelly Offers

Hi There

Take a look at our best selling Lelli Kelly Styles this week! Keep your children’s feet cool and stylish in the hot weather… and above all enjoy the Jubilee Celebrations! 😉

Our 5% Off Code is PAYDAY25 and is valid until 12 midnight – Tuesday

Zoo Canvas – Back in Stock


 Zoo Sandals

Zoo Sandals (Yes in Pairs you can choose!)


Fiocco Bag


Kate Glitter Sandal


 Lea LeloNew Brand! Lea Lelo


 Principessa Heel

Lelli Kelly Principessa Heel


Cuori hearts Shoe (Also in Navy)


 cuori sandal

Cuori Sandal -Also in Navy!


Lelli Kelly Summer Collection



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Have a great jubilee holiday!!

Enjoy the Sunshine! (hopefully!) Louise x

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