Timberland Wheat Nubuck Boots And The Copies

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The story of the now in demand, Iconic Timberland boot stretches as far back as 1973 when the then Abington shoe company in Massachusetts came up with the name Timberland. They had been making shoes and boots since 1952 using an injection moulding technique that allowed the boots to be made totally waterproof. Timberlands are now made in two ways, the injection moulding method and the cemented sole method where the soles are glued on to the uppers. Take a look at this fantastic video below taken in a factory showing how the boots are made from cutting out the uppers using knives (rather like pastry cutters), in the ‘clicking room’ right through lasting to final assembly where the soles are glued and fixed in place under huge pressure.

The company now makes a wide selection of different styles based around the original 6 inch Premium which is the original iconic model that has changed little in over 40 years. They are on a roll at the moment – the trend for yellow tan boots comes and goes rather like that for classic Dr Martens – its firmly back right now with that mid 80’s vibe going it tuning in to the trend for synths in music, think Chvrches, and all things 80’s. Here’s a couple of pics to inspire you!

Women's Timberland Style

Women’s Timberland Style

The company has made 14″ versions for Womens as well as a range of fleece lined boots with fold over collars (Teddy Fleece) and a pull on version which is also warm lined (Nellie)

Men’s collections tend to be a little more subdued with the original wheat being the popular but there are new versions  on a cup sole and with variously designed vamps – our advise is to stick to the original.

Original Timberland Boot

Original Men’s 6″ Premium Boot in Wheat



The Copies

The best known copy of course comes from Caterpillar – famous for their huge ‘Moving Machines’ – Caterpillar launched a range of yellow tan boots in the mid 80’s with their now iconic, Colorado boot – like the 6″ Premium this boot has hardly changed in thirty years with its distinctive dark brown padded collar and huge logo on the side in ribbon. The boots became known as ‘Cats’ and at around £110 are considerable more affordable that the originals. Like Timberland, Cat have produced a huge range of variations on the theme over the years – now owned by Wolverine, who now also own Hush Puppies, Sperry and whole slew of other brands, the brand has been relaunched to capitalise on the current trend. I actually remember when Cats came out as I was working in the buying department of Timpson at the time and we bought them fo rthe top shops – pretty expensive at £49 or thereabout then and at roun about the smae time the Nike Air Jordan in black, red and white first made its appearance. You can kind of see that connection once again – Original Air Jordans can sell for over £2k a pop and high tops are definitely on the up with versions from Balenciaga ang Zanotti selling for over £650!

Caterpillar at Sundance last year

The trend is getting stronger so expect to see a lot of these on the nation’s feet in the coming months – it’ll proably peak AW 15 – like all good things it will come to an end – so get your boots on – we’ve got plenty of them – we’ve also got even cheaper version from the likes of Chatham and the Pod ones are under £60.

Caterpillar Boots

Caterpillar Ad Campaign

If you are looking for this style of boot then here are the options:

Women’s Timberland Boots

Women’s Caterpillar Boots

Men’s Timberland Boots

Men’s Caterpillar Boots

Pod Version for Men

Oh and just one final point! if you are ever tempted to follow Sedish pop star Robyn’s look at the Grammys in 2012 then maybe think again! Wear them as they are supposed to be worn :)

robyn at the grammys in Timberlands

Robyn at the grammys

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