Rieker Spring Collection

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Most people I know pronounce this brand Riker but actually its Reeker – being German of course they have their own way of saying the brand name but that is the ight way so now you know! One of the world’s biggest comfort brands they consistently produce ranges of quality footwear for the discerning and this season is no exception. The new range of comfort sandals plays on their theme of ‘Antistress’ footwear with a collection of well thought out, lightweight comfort styles with a light fashion twist.

Ladies' Rieker Shoes

Some of the new sandals are below from low elasticated styles with:

  • Padded comfort sock or insole covered is supersoft microfibre
  • Lightweight PU unit soles – like walking on air
  • Elasticated comfort fit uppers fit snugly to the foot
  • Luxury embellishments with studs, chop outs and underlays

All combine to make this range of Ladie’s Rieker Sandals the best yet – see some of the highlights below!

Rieker 60819

Rieker 60819-45 £51.95

Rieker 60668 £54.95

Rieker 60668 £54.95

Rieker 62461

Rieker 62461£54.95

You can buy all of these styles and many more from us here: Rieker Sandals

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Adesso Spring Collection

Adesso logo

Its rare that I get excited about a brand these days but when I saw the amazing range of Adesso Shoes I was blown away. I could bore you with the company details, how long they have been making shoes and where they are but frankly none of that is important – what is important is that they look great and are possibly the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear.

Well that’s quite a boast right? well take a look at the style that Suzy is showing off below. Its called Layla and sits on a wedge which is similar in dimensions to the best selling one from Fly London. They make loads of styles on it from Yuna, Ygor and a whole host of ankle boots like Yava, so we know its an easily wearable height. They also weigh like, nothing! 200g per pair – so light in fact that when you put them on you’ll forget you are wearing them!

The tops are made from interwoven fabric that is s-t-r-t-c-h-y so it moulds to the shape of your foot and fits snugly – not tight and uncomfortable – it kind of holds itself onto your foot without needing a buckle or any other adjustment.

The insole is made from memory foam – a big thing in footwear at the moment – its being used in the new Skechers Go Walk collection as well. There’s not much I need to tell you about this material – you can get soft versions in pillows and mattresses which mould to the shape of your bosdy. Well this is a denser version that sits under your foot and literally melds to the shape of your toes. I can’t think of a better material to make insoles out of – it is just the ultimate in comfort.

Adesso Layla Splash

Adesso Layla £29.95

There is a great selection of these shoes on our site from low, flexible Mary Janes to the style shown above all with the same amazing features. We’ve been out in the garden so take a look at the collection below – with one missing as my wife whipped them! :) All avaialble from us with free delivery!

Adesso shoes collection 2015

Adesso Collection

We have another brand coming in shortly called ‘Bernie Mev’ who invented this styling in the US about four years ago – they are sligtly more expensive with a wider product range so keep a look out for them – in the meantime step in to the luxury of Adesso – at under £30 a pair you really can’t go wrong!

Shop Adesso – Click Here

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