Kickers Star Wars Light Up Kids Shoes Tie In With The Force Awakens

kickers star wars logo

Its not often we get excited about a new range of shoes but Disney recently approached Kickers to come up with a new Star Wars footwear concept for kids and adults. Star Wars is one of the biggest film franchises on the planet with gross sales of over $4Bn – the 7th film Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes out next years with a Teaser Trailer being released in December. Kickers new range is released on May The Fourth (of course!) and features a range of kids high tops based on Kick Hi – with Darth Vader – the black/red flashing lights model and Yoda – the black/green model there is also a TIE fighter model which features the Death Star on one foot and the TIE fighter zooming away on the other foot!

Star Wars Rebels is also running on the Disney Channel and Syar Wars lego is a massive hit – all pointing to the almost guaranteed success of this tie on product. We think they are amazing! what do you think – let us know below!



They will be available here when they come in in August! : Kids Kickers Ltd©

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