Iron Fist Collection Spring 2014

IronFist SS14


Well they took their time but iron Fist have finally delivered their new Spring collection and we think its the best yet! There are updates of their best selling prints from last year so we get new versions of Zombie Stomper in both heel and platform styles – that’s the big green ones with the eyeballs and teeth. New styles include Sweet Tooth which is an all new floral and skull print.
Super high platforms are back bot also – and this is one of the great things about the brand – they offer much more wearable versions as well – so we get point courts as well as lace and bow flats all in the same print and of course at much lower prices. We’ve incorporated our personal favorite in the image above – the Bonebreaker Platform Bootie! huge teethed platform gripped by a bony hand – just brilliant!

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4 Things Not To Do With Your Shoes

The Perfunctory Booby Trap

Avoid leaving your shoes in the middle of high traffic areas in the home,
whether it be coming in from a night out and  kicking them off at the top
of the stairs or in the middle of the living room floor after a long day 
at  work. 

Once the shoes have been left, the booby trap has been set  and it is only
a matter of time  before the footwear claim  their first victim.

In some cases the slip or trip can become self inflicted, a  great way to
inconvenience your day. 
Exasperated Can-Can
kicking off shoes

After a long day there is not a more satisfying shoe removal technique 
than the 'Exasperated Can Can' where one  simply flicks their shoes across
the room in a majestic fashion, usually accompanied with the un-buttoning
of shirt and removal of the tie / jacket.

As satisfying as it may be, this technique does have it's drawbacks. 
The issue normally lies with the re-locating of the shoes the next morning.
It has been known to cause stress and leave one in a bad mood as the time 
constraints during the morning routine shrink and the journey to work is 
resultantly postponed in the mist of the hectic search. 
The Family Pet

Leaving your footwear in reach of boisterous or adventurous pets can lead to
shoes being eaten, stolen or even used as a luxurious spot to have a siesta. 

This can cause problems such as being late for work, loosing a treasured pair
of shoes or can even be the cause of heart racing panic that exponentially
floods the body from head to toe as the whereabouts of the treasured family
pet is unknown.
Grid Lock

I'm sure most women have had troubles with their high heels on grass, cobbles, 
the turn up of your jeans and grids. I mean even Kate Middleton managed to get
herself stuck on St Patrick's Day 2013 - watch where your going ladies, I mean
how hard can it be.
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New Women’s Hush Puppies Spring 2014

Just before I get going there is still time to win a £25 shoes voucher on our Facebook page here:

We have just had a fresh delivery of new Women’s Hush Puppies and we think it one of their best collection yet! deep burnished tan Mary Janes, nude court shoes and a great selection of new and continuing flats an pumps. Take a look at some of the highlights below! Janessa comes in bright new colours rich red and burnished tan – it has a soft, supple leather upper with leather lining and rubber flexible sole!

Hush Puppies Janessa

Janessa pump – also in black, white and tan £49.95

Sisany Mary Fane is a simple tan court shoe with a single instep strap – easy to wear and looks heavenly!

Hush Puppies Sisany Mary Jane

Sisany Mary Jane in tan leather £54.95

Good work shoes are hard to find – Hush Puppies have a few! – the one below is Imagery and also comes in nude leather. It is super lightweight with a quality leather upper and a none slip light, rubber sole

Hush Puppies Imagery court shoes

Hush Puppies Imagery court shoe £49.95

You can view the whole collection here 

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