Lelli Kelly School Shoe Collection 2014

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We are proud to announce the arrival of our beautiful new collection of Lelli Kelly School Shoes A full collection of styles just released and in stock now. Some of the features will be familiar such as the interchangeable straps on the newly christened Nicole shoe, but there are new styles with bow fronts, jewel studs on the front and a new one that has not arrived yet with an interchangeable bow on the front which can be worn as a hair clip as well.

As with other years we have a good selection of colours and materials to choose from such as rich dark brown patent leather, navy patent, plain black leather and of course the most popular, black patent!

The shoes come in two fittings – F which is the ‘standard’ fit with a light sole with a jagged pattern on the bottom, and G fitting with a wider toe, a deeper fitting and a slightly heavier sole with  moulded pattern on the bottom. The shoes come with full leather linings which help absorb moisture and in all cases the straps are multi fitting, velcro fold back so you can fit and refit until they are just right.

We have made it really easy this year by photographing them all from above, with name, colour, size run and price all clearly listed so you can make an informed choice. If you need any help with sizing then go to this really useful Lelli Kelly Size Comparison page.

Lelli Kelly School Shoes Autumn 2014


Lelli Kelly Nicole


As with all of our Lelli Kelly Shoes this season we offer Free Delivery, Exchanges and Returns – Free Toy Make-up set and an Extra Free Gift of a Pencil Set which includes, pencil, rubber, sharpener and ruler – just perfect for schol and another reason why Shoes.co.uk gives you extra value!


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Trainers Made Entirely From Plastic Ocean Rubbish


Three innovative London students have made a pair of plastic shoes from rubbish found on the banks of the Thames. If you saw the Tropic of Cancer series which ended last night you will have seen the coast if Hawaii strewn with a deep deep layer of plastic rubbish, much of which had been in the ocean for years and years, ground down in to small pieces. Charles Duffy, William Gubbins and Billy Turvey got together and made a pair of trainers from the junk! You can see the process and the results in the video below courtesy of Vimeo.

Your Shoes Are Rubbish from Billy Turvey on Vimeo.

You can read more about their incredible project in the Daily Mail here: Rubbish Shoes